CIC Gold Group Limited is a Seychelles registered company headquartered in Beijing, PR China.  The Company includes in its shareholder base some prominent Chinese gold miners and international mine developers.

CIC Gold Group Limited intends to acquire non-controlling interests in mining projects, leases, tenements or corporate entities, either public or private, where gold is the principle commodity or gold mining is the principal activity.  Given this mandate, the Company will focus its development strategy towards gold mineral assets considered to be undervalued and to have strong fundamentals with attractive growth prospects.

The Directors and Officers of CIC Gold Group Limited are persons with extensive gold mining expertise developed over many years.

Acquisition policy

The Company’s strategy is to make acquisitions of undervalued gold properties, where gold is the principal commodity or gold mining is the principal activity, with strong underlying fundamentals suitable of producing substantial increases in value by funding and applying de-risking strategies and other corporate actions.

CIC Gold’s focus will initially be in Africa and Asia concentrating on acquisitions of:

  1. i): mineral property assets where medium to large gold oxide mining may be conducted in the short-term;
  2. ii): mineral property assets that the investors consider being undervalued or having strong fundamentals; and
  3. iii): assets  with attractive growth prospects with the ability to de-risk those assets by way of exploration, mining, or operational improvements.

The Directors consider that as acquisitions are made, and new acquisition opportunities arise, further funding of the company may be required or new shares issued to acquire interests.

Acquisition opportunity

The Board and management have international experience and knowledge particularly in Asia and Africa with respect to the resources industry and related to acquisitions, divestitures, joint venture negotiations, project due diligence, site evaluations, project management and exploration. Members of the Board and management have technical strengths allied with industry knowledge over many years and complemented by a diverse network of international contacts.  The Directors believe this will assist them to assess the value of opportunities presented to them and to source potential new mineral assets.  The Company intends to capitalise on these contacts to gain access to attractive mineral property assets.

Furthermore, the Directors have established an international base of expert technical advisors to implement the de-risking phase to provide projects that are attractive for acquisition to large mining companies.